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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
MS. Laud Misc. 570
Type of object:
Title text:
Livres des quatre vertus.
Country or nationality of origin:
Dated 1450
Folio or page no.:
fol. 016r
Image description:
Four female figures with inscribed scrolls; main figure Attemprance (Temperance) carries a clock on her head. It has a gold face, but its rectangular works, surmounted by framework holding bell with pointed hammer-striker, are blurred due to silver oxidation. A simple head harness appears to hold the clock in place on her head, and ends in reins grasped by the figure, with a bit in her mouth, together with primitive spectacles in her left hand. She stands upon a miniature wind mill, cylindrical, two windows, four sails, conical tiled roof, circular staircase visible in interior through arched doorway. A lever for rotating the mill at the front. The figure wears a simple long rose-gold gown with ermine cuffs and hem border. At left seated nun, reading. At her side a scroll inscribed "Continence". At R. 2 seated maidens, one in blue gown with scroll inscribed "Clemence" the other in vermilion gown, scroll inscribed "Moderance". Architectural background.
Roll title:
French illumination by 'The Master of Sir John Fastolf': MS. Laud Misc. 570.
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Livres des quatre vertus.