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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
MS. Douce 72
Type of object:
Page size:
200 x 130 mm
Title text:
Book of Hours. Use of Rouen.
Country or nationality of origin:
Place of origin:
16th century, first quarter
Folio or page no.:
fol. 077r
Whole page or detail:
whole page
Image description:
Virgin and Child enthroned, with owners and their patron saints, preceding Prayer to St. John the Baptist. The man is presented to the Virgin and Child by St. John the Baptist who holds a book with Agnus Dei sitting on top of its cover; the woman in a black cap is presented by St. Margaret of Antioch who is accompanied by her dragon. Arms of owners are presented by the putti in the lower part of the architectural frame: ‘gules three roses argent and the same impaling azure three six pointed stars or in chief a cross formy or’. Putti with coral beads at top, inset marble shafts in columns. Hilly landscape seen through the open colonade.
Roll title:
MS. Douce 72. Book of Hours, Use of Rouen, in Latin and French. Illuminated in Normandy, 1st quarter of the 16th century.
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Book of Hours. Use of Rouen.