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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
MS. Bodl. 270b
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Bible moralisée, part I.
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13th century, middle
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fol. 223v
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whole page
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(A) Job 38:41. God provides for the raven his food, and when his young ones cry to God, they wander for lack of food. The scribe omits non in 'eo quod non habeant cibos'. (The raven is the Gentile world, black with sin. The chicks are the preachers. The demand for food is the search for more converts). | (B) Job 39:1,3,4. The wild goats and hinds bring forth their young, which grow up, and feed on corn, and go forth and do not return. (By the mother deer are meant the apostles or other preachers bringing forth new children for the Church and sending them to feed upon the Holy Scriptures). | (C) Job 39:10. Can any man bind the unicorn with his hand in the furrow, or make it harrow the valleys after him? (The unicorn is the ox and the ass which knew their master. Jesus, when He was lying in His cradle among them. Hugh of St. Cher understands the unicorn to mean the powerful of this world and ploughing to mean preaching). | (D) Job 19:14,15. The ostrich leaves her eggs to hatch in the dust, forgetting that they may be trodden on or harmed by wild beasts. (Such are sinners. When drawn to evil they remember not that they may fall under the yoke of damnation and be trodden down by beasts of the earth and by demons).
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MS. Bodl. 270b. Bible moralisée Full pages.
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Bible moralisée, part I.