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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
MS. Bodl. 264, pt. I
Type of object:
Page size:
415 x 295 mm
Author (if known):
Various authors including Lambert le Tort, Alexandre de Bernai (de Paris), and others.
Title text:
Romance of Alexander.
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Folio or page no.:
fol. 020v
Whole page or detail:
whole page
Image description:
Text: Beginning of the siege of Tyre Miniature col. I: Alexander, crowned and enthroned, rests in his tent before Tyre. The tent bears his shield of lion rampant, he addresses one knight, another walks away to the right; all are in armour. Miniature col. II: Alexander’s siege. Tower fortress on boats before Tyre. Castle with soldiers on guard: armed with maces, crossbows, and one throws stone? from behind a shield. Female heads seen in square grated openings above. Fish in the sea, some swallowing others. Left margin has initial with a head and a bird; a bowman grotesque with crossbow is shot in the eye by a knight in miniature of col. II; a hare turns to look at Alexander in the miniature of col. I. Lower margin: left, hare plays the shawm to a maid; an old man and a woman kiss, stared at by an ape with pipe and tabor. Right, ram runs towards woman holding before her a woven winnowing-sieve(?) baited with a black rat (?).
Roll title:
MS. Bodl. 264, pt. I, fols. 3r-100v
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Romance of Alexander.