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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
MS. Arch. Selden. A. 1
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The 'Codex Mendoza', pt. III.
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fol. 060r
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whole page
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Training of Aztec boys and girls from ages eleven to fourteen, with some punishments. Meal-rations consist of one and a half tortillas for eleven- and twelve-year-olds, then rising to two tortillas. (1) The eleven-year-old boy and girl, both bound, are punished for disregarding parental advice by being forced to inhale dry chile smoke. (2) For the same crime, the twelve-year-old boy lies bound and weeping on damp ground; but the girl, now with long hair, more compliantly goes sweeping at night. (3) The thirteen-year-old boy carries a load of rushes on his back and/or transports them in his canoe; the girl, whose skirt now has a decorated hemline, grinds maize for tortillas, with other vessels for food preparation around her. (4) The fourteen-year-old boy goes fishing in his canoe with stick and trawling net, and the girl is weaving.
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MS. Arch. Selden. A. 1. 'The Codex Mendoza', native life.
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The 'Codex Mendoza', pt. III.