Media Information

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
MS. Douce f. 4
Type of object:
Page size:
approx. 170 x 135 mm
Title text:
Speculum humanae salvationis (fragments).
Country or nationality of origin:
Flemish (?)
c. 1460-1470
Folio or page no.:
fol. 002v-003r
Whole page or detail:
Image description:
Ink drawings. Fol. 2v: Three Magi follow the Star in the East. Three kings (crowned, with sceptre) on horseback, star shines in the sky. Fol. 3r: betrothal of Sarah and Tobit (or Tobias). Bishop with mitre blesses union between Sarah and Tobit. Cleric holds open book before them. Group of onlookers at the back, including Raguel (Sarah's mother), and archangel Raphael who played a part in their union. To the left of Sarah, heads of her seven previous husbands who had all died, slain by the devil. Devil shown playing recorder and tabor.

Speculum humanae salvationis (fragments).